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Today’s entry was written by my good friend, AngelWearsPrada.

She’s passionate about high-end, exclusive fragrances and sent a lengthy email to me describing a brand that I knew nothing about, By Kilian.  I’m no perfume aficionado, and I thought it would be a great change to have another voice on this blog, so I’ll let her describe why By Kilian has captured her heart.

In the following entry, all text inside square brackets [  ] are my comments.  The rest are AngelWearsPrada’s!

By Kilian is the brainchild of Kilian Hennessy.  The heir to the Hennessey of the LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A. fame.  A snippet of his bio reads:

His childhood haunts included the family cellars in Cognac. before graduating from CELSA (School of higher Studies in the information and communication Sciences at the Sorbonne) he wrote a thesis on the semantics of odors in search of a language common to gods and mortals. In search of the “angels share”, he encountered the world of perfumery.

Είναι μια δύσκολη ζωή. photo courtesy of Metro.
Full Kilian Hennessey bio here [warning, the site has loud music that autoplays – click the volume symbol at the lower ideal corner of the site to mute]

A sampling of By Kilian scents – I have denoted an asterisk beside the ones for which I have samples of:
L’Oevre Noir Collection
♦  Prelude to Love*
♦  Love, Don’t be Shy*
♦  Love and Tears, Surrender
♦  A taste of Heaven
♦  Straight to heaven – This is the one I own and what I wore on Friday night that you all commented on! [our girls’ night]
♦  Back to Black* – I hate this one
♦  Dangerous Liaisons, normal Me – My husband wears this. Μου αρέσει και μένα. I wore it once and a coworker accosted me – told me I smelled expensive.
♦  Cruel Intentions, Tempt Me
♦  Sweet Redemption

You can see that all the names are decidedly seductive!
Note: I gotten the “Travel” set for myself (cheaper) and the “Refill” set for my husband (also much more affordable and he doesn’t care for all the fancy packaging – it’s lost on him anyway).  So I did NOT spend the $270 CDN + taxes = $300-ish that Holt’s is charging. and overall – it was more affordable to get in France, not here [Canada].

There are also a few other collections of note:
v  Asian Tales Collection – normally not a fan of any of the scents in this collection, but I do have lots of samples of these.
v  In the garden of good and Evil Collection – this is where the “Good girl Gone Bad” scent is from. That was my runner up scent. It was between Good: “Straight to Heaven” and Evil: “Good girl Gone Bad” and good won out!  [AngelWearsPrada gave me a sample of “Good girl Gone Bad” which I checked and made a decision it smelled too “sensual” on me]

Photo courtesy of
There are 4 scents from this collection:
♦  Good girl Gone Bad*
♦  In the City of Sin
♦  Forbidden Games*
♦  Playing with the Devil

By Kilian also launched a collection of “Vodka” and “Brandy” scents which are part of the “Boutique Exclusives” collection. These were awesome, if you don’t mind smelling like a drink. honestly though, when these perfumes settle, for the most part, they are genuinely unique.  I have one sample each of these.

Part of the allure of the brand is the shopping experience, here are the By Kilian shops that I have visited:

London (at Harrod’s – 5th/top floor – it was a whole “fragrance mall” of perfume boutiques – quite the experience!)


Overall my experience with the brand has been quite lovely. I do take pleasure in the decadence of it. The boutiques are charming in London/Paris. In Canada, it is exclusive to Holt’s but they don’t do it any justice here – it is merely a “counter” like any other fragrance. but the packaging is beautiful and there is a made a decision air of “sophistication” with this brand. Also, not lots of people are familiar with it so I can walk around and know that no one else will smell like me! το αγαπώ αυτό!

They also have a boutique in nyc – and its on my list to visit this year:

[For a providing of all By Kilian’s fragrances and in-depth scent notes and reviews, please visit the By Kilian page on I just went through to see what I may like to try from By Kilian and “Beyond Love” with its Tuberose, Coconut, and Jasmine scents might be up my alley. thanks AngelWearsPrada, for introducing me to this brand!]

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