Photorejuvenation / IPL: final thoughts

I meant to publish this back in June, however with vacation as well as the summertime laziness, I’ve put off composing up this post.  I’ve now gone with the full series of IPL treatments – I can provide my general thoughts of my experience with Photorejuvenation / IPL.


I bought a bundle of 5 sessions for facial IPL, which I began in January.  I had one session per month as well as my final session was in may before I went to Japan.

Χαρακτηριστικό πηγή εικόνας.

My very first publish on this subject discussed my preliminary perception on the procedure as well as exactly how my skin reacted to the IPL. I noticed subtle, however motivating results. then I published an update on my third session, which was rather traumatic, to state the least! But, after the skin reaction subsided, my skin looked great, as well as the results were the most remarkable of all the sessions I had.

Να το θυμασαι?!!
The last 2 sessions were quite… unremarkable, if I do state so. I assumption the great thing is that I did not have one more unfavorable reaction to the treatment. Some slight redness afterward however no bumps or rash like the previous session. however after sessions 4 as well as 5, I likewise did not see significant reduction on the pigmentation of my freckles, which was the main reason why I pursued IPL treatments.  I would state there are diminishing returns – the preliminary treatments I saw more noticeable results however toward the end, they were less significant.

Overall, I experienced the following:
• noticeable reduction in freckles as well as hyperpigmentation, some darker areas flaked off – my goal was a visible reduction, not an eradication of my freckles, as well as I definitely accomplished that.
• temporary decrease in oiliness in my t-zone
• slight reduction of fine lines – I noted this particularly around my laugh lines as well as forehead lines
• slight (slight!) reduction in pore size – I don’t have big pores, however on my nose I feel that my pores look less prominent
• No noticeable reduction in redness – I don’t have rosacea however I do get redness on my cheeks as well as around my nose


Bottom line: I am material with the results of IPL, as well as likely would do more in the future.  I accomplished much much better results with IPL than compared to topical skincare treatments. A concern that people frequently ask is: will the freckles as well as hyperpigmentation return? No, not the ones that were reduced or gotten rid of during the IPL sessions. However, if you’re prone to freckles or hyperpigmentation, it’s extremely likely that you will establish new spots.  Here are some tips if you’re believing of getting Photorejuvenation / IPL treatments:

• Obviously, do your research study on the salon. As much as it is not a “real” surgical procedure, it is still a laser being utilized on your skin.

• try to time your sessions during the winter months when you’re not out in the sun as much. as well as after IPL, SPF is a must. (Actually, SPF is a must all the time!)

• Time it to ensure that your skin isn’t tanned as well as don’t utilize self tanner in advance – the laser works finest on pigmentation that is darker than the surrounding skin.

• Be additional gentle on your skin afterward, don’t utilize AHA or physical exfoliants that will irritate the skin further.

• And, if something doesn’t feel right during the session (pain, sensitivity), speak up! (a lesson discovered in my third session!)

Are you believing of getting Photorejuvenation / IPL?

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