Project focus 10: Nars Light Reflecting loose setting Powder

happy 1st day of February!  Continuing with the next product in job focus 10, today we’ll look at the Nars Light Reflecting loose setting Powder:

This product retails for $44 for a 10g jar. In Canada, it’s offered at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay or Holt Renfrew.  I bought mine from Sephora.

I’ve had this in my stock unopened for more 2 years… it was only when I completed my Laura Mercier trick Brightening Powder that I lastly decided this might be opened.  Although this powder isn’t meant particularly for the under eye area, that was the function I wished to utilize it for – because of its purported light reflecting properties:

This invisible silky powder is infused with Photochromic innovation to diffuse light as well as change to new sources of light throughout the day. fine lines, wrinkles as well as pores optically fade as skin is visibly smoothed.

After utilizing the Laura Mercier trick Brightening Powder for so many years, I’d ended up being accustomed to the luminous appearance of my under eye area. The Nars powder is nowhere near as glowy as the LM, it has no visible shimmer, however provides a satin surface on the skin.  As a setting powder for under eye concealer, I discover it to look somewhat dry. It does set the concealer incredibly however can tend to accentuate fine lines by the end of the day.

But as an general deal with powder, it is where this powder perform finest – as claimed, it does diffuse the look of pores as well as lines. It likewise assists to keep oil from shining with for rather a while – family member to the MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder which I am utilizing concurrently – it delays the requirement to blot my deal with by an additional 2 hours.

I’ve used this powder over BB creams as well as different foundations as well as it performs similarly well on whatever – it does not look cakey or heavy over base products. I normally utilize a big fluffy clean (lately it’s been the Inglot 1SS Powder Brush) for a light dusting, as well as for a heavier application, I utilize a powder puff as well as press the powder onto the skin.

Tip: When you very first open any type of loose powder with sifter jars, instead of peeling off the remove sticker cover to subject all of the sifter holes, only peel off a section.  This will only subject 2-3 holes as well as limit the amount of loose powder from dispensing out.  If you’ve already peeled off the cover, you can always re-cover the holes with remove tape.

I’m unsure if I would repurchase this product when I surface it. It’s a great deal with powder however I truly desired a powder for setting under eye concealer.

• sets foundation without adding any type of colour
• Does not look heavy or cakey
• Reduces the look of fine lines as well as pores
• keeps radiate at bay

• loose powder style is untidy as well as not travel friendly
• Ακριβός
• Can look dry under eye area


I’ve been utilizing this for about 2 months now as well as will reserve this as an general deal with powder. I’m still on the search for a great under eye setting powder in my stash.

Bonus: here’s a quick comparison of the Nars powder to other loose translucent powders I have: MAC Prep+Prime transparent completing Powder, as well as the e.l.f. High meaning Powder:

I felt silly even swatching translucent powders, however here’s what I handled to capture:

Out of the 3, the Nars looks the smoothest as well as did not settle into fine lines.

Tidbits on the other job focus 10 items:
• I didn’t reach for the Smashbox double exposure combination when this week! I’ve been as well distracted by all the other pretties lately.
• I brought the Shu Uemura brow:sword pencil on an overnight away from house as well as it was a great travel buddy – having that built-in spoolie is so handy.
• I’m trying to not spoil the upcoming evaluations however I can’t assist myself! The L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara is shocking the heck out of me with its awesomeness. I have not reached for any type of other mascaras this week.

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I’ll be announcing the winners to my favourite things Giveaway at noon today (EST). Να είσαι εκεί, αλλιώς θα χάσεις!

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